Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mrs. Scales' Steamed CRAB recipe (Yum)

Ok, you know that flavor that crab is supposed to have when you go to a fancy seafood restaurant?  And how that taste is somehow lacking when you go to an asian buffet or casino buffet for the all you can eat crab?  Of course it is still good because its all you can eat crab! lol.  But really.. it's missing that crab flavor.  It's because they only steam it..  Some people don't know that it is the "Crab Boil" that gives it that crabby flavor.  YUM.

Anywho, to get that flavor you pick up Crab Boil at your local grocery store.  I much prefer the pouches.. not the seasoning because that gets really MESSY.  The pouches are much easier.  Zatarain's is a really good brand but there are others you can try.  I love Old Bay's flavor but in Tennessee I've only been able to find the seasoning and not the pouch version.  And like I said, the seasoning is messy (but tasty)..

Yes, crab cooked with just Crab Boil is good BUT I concocted a recipe my husband and I just love..  maybe you won't but I wanted to share it just in case it blows your mind ;)  It gives such a YUMMY flavor.  My Hubs says its the best crab he has ever tasted.  :) 

In a pot add a couple inches of water (not an exact science as you'll see).  Plop in the pouch of crab boil.  Add about half of a 12 oz beer (can substitute white wine).  If you don't have a quite enough liquid in your pot I use chicken broth not more water.  Add 1 stick of butter (you can use half if you want).  Two big spoonfulls of minced garlic. Salt (a quick swirl from the big container).   Add a teaspoon of white vinegar for easier cracking.

Put the top on.  BOIL for about 8 minutes.  Remove from heat and let sit for 10 minutes.

Mrs. Scales' Decadent Steamed Crab

1-3 lbs of Snow Crab
1 pouch Zatarain's Crab Boil
2 Inches of water
1 stick of butter (or 1/2 if you prefer)
6 oz of Beer (any kind)  (omit for Low Carb option)
2 heaping tablespoons of minced garlic (i love garlic, you can use more or less)
Dash of salt from the big container
Chicken Broth (as much as needed)
Cap full of white vinegar (to make the meat come out of the shell easier when cracking)

Boil 8 minutes, remove from heat and let sit 10 minutes.  Serve and enjoy.

You can of course make this a full on boil adding shrimp, mussels, sausage, corn cob, etc. for a delicious meal.  but add those a couple minutes in because they don't need to cook as long as the crab. Except corn cob.. they would need to cook the whole time.

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