Monday, March 18, 2013

Deep Fried Whole Chicken (num num)


This Masterbuilt Butterball Turkey Fryer has been a godsend.  It deep frys, steams, boils. oh, i just love it. I bought it for Thanksgiving to try deep frying a turkey and it turned out WONDERFUL.  And so quick!  I've spent years and hours cooking turkeys in the oven.  This was easy and delicious.  I heard all the horror stories and dangers of deep frying turkeys but then I found this gadget and its SAFE to use INDOORS.  That's right up my ally, because i really didn't want to be wrestling with a turkey and hot oil out in my yard.  I leave it right on my kitchen counter because I use it so often.  If you are interested, get yours here.


This is the injectable marinade I used this time.  It comes with an injector and I picked up for like 3 dollars.  Cant beat that.  You can use any marinade you want.  Ok, so I injected my chicken all over the place... pumped it full of flavor.  Then I took some seasoning salt inside and out and some cayenne pepper.  Then I put it in the fryer basket that comes with the deep fryer.  

375 degrees.  about 4 minutes per pound.  This little guy was about 5 pounds.. so he cooked for 20 minutes.

The skin was almost my favorite part.  soo good.  The meat is moist and not at all greasy as you know if you have ever deep fired a turkey or chicken.  mmm.

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