Sunday, April 28, 2013

Jalapeno Cream Cheese Bacon Wrapped Shrimp (Low Carb)

Delicious for low carbers and non low carbers alike!  Bacon, jalapenos, cream cheese, shrimp..melt in your mouth.  Things like this make low carbing not bad at all :)

Serves 4-5 (2 skewers ea.)

  • 1.5 pounds of colossal shrimp, raw, de-veined, and shelled  (i used precooked, jumbo, deveined/shelled)
  • Believe me you don't want to use smaller shrimp!  
  • Cream Cheese
  • 3 jalapeno peppers
  • 2 regular packages of bacon
  • You'll use a package and a half. Don't buy the nice thick cut kind, it will take too long to cook around the shrimp.
  • skewers - soaked in water (dont soak in water if using the deep fry option)
  • Optional: a light sprinkle of your favorite seasoning.

Cut the tops off of the jalapenos, then cut in half lengthwise. Remove seeds with a spoon, then cut the halves into slivers.

Remove paper wrapper of bacon, leave on the plastic one, and take a sharp knife to cut packages of bacon in half.

Get ingredients together and ready for assembly.

Put a sliver of jalapeno down into the back side of the shrimp, where the vein has been removed.  

Put cream cheese over jalapeno.

Hold in place, and wrap with 1/2 piece of bacon. Secure by putting them on a skewer (4 per).  Or one toothpick each.

If using a gas grill, heat to high, then turn down to low. Grill until bacon is done to your preference. If using charcoal or wood, grill over warm coals.

If using oven, preheat 400.

If deep frying, 375.

Grill: about 10 minutes or until bacon is done.  (Has a definite grill flavor. Very good, very flavorful, can taste much of the cream cheese because alot melts out. )

Oven: 20 min or until bacon is done. (Took way longer than other methods but the cream cheese flavor stuck best.  Very good)

Deep Fry: 2 minutes or until bacon done.  (quickest method and tasty.  Couldn't taste cream cheese)
less than one carb!

 From the grill.  I used toothpicks instead of skewers.  I forgot to soak them first.  you can see the burnt toothpick.  Still delicious though.  

From the oven

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